Classic Type Charger

Classic Type Charger

Classic Type Charger

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Product Description

  • 2 anti-theft integrated cables: Apple Lightning and MicroUSB
  • Compact and robust design
  • Customisable area: : 95 x 182 mm – Two sides



Light products:

    Place the charger wherever you want and transport it at anytime easily, like when you need to recharge it!

Attract and retain customers:

    Give your potential customers new reasons to visit you, they need to charge their phones and you have the solution. Plus, once they go they’ll know where they can come back if they need to again.

Large customisable area:

    All our products are designed for the customer to put the advertising you want: the menu of your bar, reach WIN-WIN agreements with suppliers…


    It’s as simple as plugging your phone into the charger and letting it charge. Recharging the chargers is just as easy, even more so if you have a charging base.

It charges 95% of smartphones:

    Thanks to the incorporation of the 3 most common types of cables on the market (MicroUSB, USB Type-C and Apple Lightning), you will be able to charge any current mobile.



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