THE MVMT – The Maltese brand that aims to give quality & value to the people.

We strive to share & feed a positive mentality to our members and followers through our movement, media, merchandise & more. Through our movement, we express our deepest emotions in the hope to be an inspiration for others and also to connect with those who get to watch our work.

Our main branches are;
– The Studio (Concept of Movement)
– The Media (Dance films, behind the scenes, photos, advertising content, music videos & more) – The Merchandise (Dance & Street Apparel)
-The Podcast (Inviting local & international Artists from various industries to leap into their stories and how they’ve built themselves into who they are today in order to bring more knowledge to our listeners & viewers)

About Concept of Movement

Concept of Movement is Malta’s Leading Hip-Hop & Urban Dance Academy which was founded back in 2016 by Cheryl Lofreda (Professional International Teacher & Choreographer). Concept of Movement’s Aim was, from the very first day, to produce the highest level of dancers who can compete around the world in the most prestigious events. This was partly achieved in 2018 with the Concept of Movement being the first-ever Maltese Crew to be invited to World of Dance. In 2019 Concept of Movement was invited to compete again in the same event and managed to win the event. With these results and through this achievement, the Concept of Movement will be the very first team to represent Malta in Los Angeles at the World Finals in July 2020.


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