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Music is the one language everyone understands. It helps us connect with one another no matter our gender, looks, age, race, or class, without ever discriminating. Being able to combine my passion for singing and performing and my passion for inspiring others through positivity is what fulfills me most.

The beautiful art of music is an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual reward that allows us to spread positivity and happiness. So I thank music for its existence and for its ability to impact so many lives in so many different ways!


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Born on 20th October 1991, Marilena is a singer and all-round performer whose career in music took off with the winning of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest way back in 2004.

Along her childhood years, Marilena accomplished several winnings of talent contests and performed at leading venues both national and international. With her singing setting off in earnest at the age of five, Marilena soon became a regular on local children television shows and theatre arts fora.

Following the continuous support and coaching of her local and foreign tutors in singing, piano, dancing and acting, Marilena went on to taking her studies in music and arts very seriously, furthering to graduate levels and their continuance ever since. For the past two years, Marilena has received vocal tuition and classical training from Lydia Caruana, one of Malta’s most renowned operatic soprano who has partnered Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli, and sung in Carmelo Pace’s I Martiri and Nicolo Isouard’s Jeannot et Colin, amongst others.
Earlier, Marilena trained at the Malta Academy of Performing Arts where she studied vocals, stage performance and song-writing with London-based SLS (Speech Level Singing) vocal instructor Joshua Alamu and attended the Bodywork Performing Arts Cambridge where she studied professional dance and musical theatre, after which she went on to train under the tuition of Kledi Kadiu, Anbeta Toromani, Leon Cino and Ilir Shaqiri, all of whom at the time where resident dancers and choreographers of Italy’ popular TV programme Amici.

Most recently, Marilena has started attending VocalBooth Studios in Malta where she receives vocal tuition by speech & language pathologist Norma Camilleri, President of Malta’s Association of Speech-Language Pathologists. With Ms Camilleri’s specialisation in voice and coaching, Marilena aims to be sitting for internationally recognised vocal examinations from Trinity College London.

Owing to constant education and training, Marilena has seen to a number of winnings, including the 2004 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest, 2007 Malta Youths Ghanja tal-Poplu and 2009 Alexandria Music & Song Festival in Egypt; as well as several attainments, some of which include 2007 CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) performer, 2009 Maltese Film Maltageddon leading actress , 2011 & 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist and 2012 & 2014 Festival Kanzunetta Indipendenza first runner-up.

Her two foremost idols are all-time jazz favourite Peggy Lee and one of the world’s most creative musical figures and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Wonder. Other contemporary influences and inspirations are the two fearless and re-inventive females Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. As for her image and style, Marilena credits Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe for her ability to evoke natural confidence and sensuality with sheer class.

Beyond music and entertainment, Marilena is a full-time economist, currently employed at the University of Malta and underway with studies leading up to a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Economics.

With voluntary work being such a prominent part of her day-to-day life, Marilena is an activist at both national and international fundraising activities and campaigns. Some of her involvements include missionary in Peru’, Inspire Foundation Malta’s El Camino De Santiago Trekker in Spain, the protagonist of The President’s Solidarity Fun Run 2015 and Hospice Malta Runner at the 2016 Vodafone Malta Half Marathon.

Some of her latest contributions include PR & Marketing Officer at the MCCF (Malta Community Chest Fund) – Solidarjeta’ bl-Isports Initiative and at Malta’s Dr Klown, where she has also trained to become a certified Clown Doctor. Marilena, together with other certified Clown Doctors, visits children suffering chronic or very serious illnesses at Mater Dei Hospital where she goes by the name ‘Dr DoReMi’.

At present, Marilena has embarked on further developing her music career and a rebranding which calls for new material and online content, targeting the international scene.


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