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Luke Chappell (born March 22, 2003) is a Maltese singer and songwriter. He gained a following in 2017/18, posting original content/songs on the application Youtube, having over 35,000 views on the original song ‘Losing Faith in Humanity’ which later on was performed at his audition for X factor in August which helped him get people’s attention as a song-writer. The following year, on X factor Malta, he made it through all the stages until the finals, placing in 5th place out of 600 applicants. He perused his career as a musician later on that year with more original content in which he released through Spotify and Youtube, gaining more than 200,000 Streams in less than 3months. He continued working on original content and is known to release a debut album very soon this following year(2020). In the progress of working on the album, Luke is collaborating with very artistic people like members from Red Electric (Aleandro Monsigneur, Peter Borg), whilst also having a mentor who helps in co-writing (Matthew Muxu Mercieqa). Having other of countless people helping him to peruse his dream in the music industry, he is set to release more original tracks which will definitely hit us in the heart with a roller-coaster of emotions.

Chappell released his Debut Single ‘Head in the Clouds’ shortly after X factor Malta in 2019, July. It reached number one on 89.7 Bay’s top ten charts. It also got nominated for the best song in the ‘Lovin Malta Awards’ as well as ‘Magic Malta Awards’ this past year. It has over 279,500 Streams following up through the ‘Discover Weekly’ Playlist which serves as a beacon for listeners worldwide to tune in and listen. Fans all over the world are tuning in every month, with over 86 Countries streaming and saving ‘Head in the Clouds’ on Spotify. Over the past 6 months, Listeners from Germany, France, United States of America, and the United Kingdom, listening to Chappell’s songs, with over a total of 3.2K listeners every month, from each individual country. Chappell then released his second single called ‘Human’ back in 2019, October. Shortly after that, he started getting nominated for more awards like the best solo artist, and best male artist of the year. He is now working on his debut album and soon known to be releasing more singles to count down to the release of the Album.

Luke is known to perform with the talented guitarist of Red Electric, Peter Borg, which accompanies him with the guitar on events. But at times he also has solo events in which he plays the guitar himself. Peter Borg is his Music Engineer/ Producer, and co-writing and mentoring Luke would be Matthew Muxu Mercieqa, together with more creative people joining the studio to finish this project they started working on in 2019.


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