An institution of pure expression, through the various styles of Hip Hop (Street Dance). DanceLab is a fresh, new upcoming dance school full of initiative, potential, and dedication, striving to give you or your little ones an opportunity to grow in what they love – There is no “I” in TEAM and therefore it is our number one priority to push each other to always move forward.

Who is Luke Brincat?

Luke Brincat has been in the Hip Hop scene for the last seven years. Going back, Luke has been part of several tele-series, competitions, and shows, both directing and performing. His career boost started out back in 2012 when he was part of “Starmakers” and was sent for a scholarship in Pineapple Dance Studios London where he took several classes from dancers such as; Gemma Hoddy, Amy Butterfield, Sam Golle, Raz and more. Also choreographed and took part in;

Winner of SDK Malta
Backup Dancer with Jedwards
Malta Eurosong Contest
Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Malta Eurovision Young Dancers
Notte Bianca
Super One Awards
Havana 808 Club Flash Mob
The Malta Fashion Awards

He has also given workshops in Sicily and took part in several shows and competitions locally and abroad. Formerly also the main actor on the well-known TV series “D.R.E.A.M.S.” and is presented once again a main actor on the fantastic dance-related drama, “Redlands” TV series rated as top 5.

Luke has also been part of Urban Dance Camp 2013 in Germany attending workshops from some of the World’s Top Youtube Stars including; Jawn Ha, Chris Martin, and Kapella Mama. This journey continued in 2016 at the Who Got Skillz BeatCamp in Croatia attending more workshops from Nika Kljun, Brian Puspos, Yanis Marshall, David Moore, Marthe Vangeel, Misha Gabriel, Lil Phil, Plock and more.


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