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Malta Event Planner

Easy to plan your event in Malta or Gozo with 3 Events Malta event planner in just a few steps:

  • Develop Your Event Goal
  • Establish Your Budget
  • Create an Event Master Plan
  • Set the Date & Book Your Venue
  • Book Your Artist & Entertainment
  • Book your Catering Supplier

Malta Event Planner is a leading event management platform in Malta and Gozo being around into all types of events. Therefore with the Malta Event Planner, you can easily operate any type of personal or corporate events in Malta or Gozo. 

Malta Event Planner facilitates the entire process by providing a one-stop event planning tool that encompasses everything. We start from initial consultancy about the event, continue with the initiation, and the implementation of all the pieces required for an unforgettable event. In addition, we could be involved as well in managing the event day, to assure you will have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Home

Are you looking for a stress-less event planner, send us a quotation request by filling the Malta Event Planner, and let us know about your preferences. Once we receive the quotation request everything will be in our hands and we will contact and update you as much as necessary during the event planning and the organization, and up to the end of your event when we are looking forward to receiving great feedback.

About costs, the Malta event planner team have already negotiated with most of our partner’s great deals and packages that will make us one of the most competitive Malta Event Planner and Event Management player.

We organize and put at your convenience all the ingredients that you will need for any personal or corporate event.

Malta Event Planner : Corporate Events

Trade Shows – See More

Trade shows are held in large spaces, showcasing the products and services of often hundreds of vendors. Many organizations often attend trade shows as a lead generation activity. May also choose to host or sponsor a trade show to display their image as an industry leader among those who attend. 

Malta Event Planner trade shows event organization involves negotiating sponsorship rates for booth space, advertising, promotion, and speaking opportunities where company leadership can speak publicly.

Seminars – See More

Usually, seminars are shorter events, lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. They have single or multiple speakers and generally keep all participants together in the same space.

Conferences – See More

Conferences, typically have multiple sessions, and they are usually held at hotels, and they could have many topics.

Malta Event Planner team is making the management plan to hold these Seminars or Conferences with targeted audiences and provide them with relevant information.

Company Milestones

Malta Event Planner offers an easy way to provide a business or organization with the opportunity to celebrate a grand opening or other major milestone or anniversary. The company milestone events can vary significantly in their execution, therefore 3 Events Malta team will be a real help to adapt your ideas to the company needs.

Milestone events can be limited to company employees or be expanded to include clients, vendors, and even the local community. Depending on the company’s size and public presence with the Malta Event Planner you have all the solutions for any options you choose.

Team Building Events

As the name suggests “Team-building’’ events are meant to boost employee confidence, goodwill, and morale, by providing opportunities for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment.

Malta Event Planner will help you realize and team building event you wish. Outdoor and physical group activities, workshops at the workplace, training, or game activities are only a few of the Malta Event Planner and Management solutions.

Board / Shareholder Meetings

As a description, board meetings serve as an opportunity for board members to meet to review business performance and meet with company executives to make important business decisions, and on the other hand, shareholder meetings provide companies with the opportunity to share recent performance and business strategies with their stakeholders.

Either a small internal meeting of board members or prestigious large-scale business meetings with

the Malta Event Planner you can easily find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Sport Events

The Malta Event Planner can be a source of ideas for the organization to find green environmental places where the people can join through sport, fun, and great entertainment.

Finding a perfect place and the sport that will best suit your team interests and wills could be a gold ingredient for building strong relationships with your organization.

Trade Shows

Purpose: Organizations often attend trade shows as a lead generation activity. Companies may also choose to host or sponsor a trade show to reinforce their image as an industry leader among those who attend.

Description: Event planning for trade shows involves negotiating sponsorship rates for booth space, advertising, promotion, and speaking opportunities where company leadership can speak. Trade shows are held in large spaces, showcasing the products and services of often hundreds of vendors.

Malta Event Planner : Personal Events

Just tell us what you have in mind and we will take care of everything. We will manage the transportation, finding the perfect restaurant, a suggested menu, creating a beautiful atmosphere, surprises and everything that concerns the planned event in Malta

We have many nice ideas of themes that we would like to present for you, as we cooperate with locally owned businesses that are useful to you.

Lay back and enjoy your holidays cause all practical issues of your big the day will be arranged. We are located in Malta Island

Anniversary – About

Each anniversary is a day for celebration. We know the tree symbolising the strength of your relationship or marriage bond, and wood symbolising a strong long-lasting meaning a good solid relationship. Therefore, we believe the same elements will remain appreciated by us and our partners for a great long term relationship.

Baby Shower – About

To help you plan the best get-together possible, few baby shower ideas could be an outside grill with some outdoor games, a beauty session with the girls, a tea party or a night out with some dancing and fun.

Bachelor’s Party – About

Bachelor parties are rooted in ancient history, and many believe that the Spartans were the first to hold bachelor parties as a celebration of the groom’s last night as a single man. Usually, the celebration included dinner and drinks with many and a toast was given in the groom’s honour.

The opportunities are endless with things to do for the bachelor party and Malta Event Planner brings in front of you all the options you never thought before. Either an all-day affair or possibly a weekend celebration is in order such as arranging a boat trip, hunting or fishing trip, or anything else you think the groom will enjoy spending on that special day.

Malta Event Planner could act as an extension of the groom and one of the first responsibilities will be to help coordinate the bachelor party. Simply by filling the Malta Event Planer form and submitting your preferences you will be assured all aspects of your event will be taken in considerations in every detail as per your dream Bachelor Party.


Malta Event Planner has all the flavours to mark this exceptional a moment in time as one that has changed the life of the beloved soul being baptized

Giving to your special guest’s baptism a special touch is a common expression of affirming and extending your faith and thanksgiving to family and friends.

BBQ’s Party

3 Events Malta and the Malta Event Planner offer you a full-service catering organization offering everything you need for a successful BBQ or picnic. The seasoned event planner and our event managers will arrange every the aspect of your event to receive top quality service and exceptional value while ensuring that no detail will be overlooked.

We will find you the best catering company with the highest quality meats and freshest ingredients, carefully prepared by specially trained chefs and grill masters. 

With the Malta Event Planner, you can select your location like your home, a favourite park, or office, and choose from theme-style packages or the option to custom build your own menu.

It’s time to invite your friends, family, or clients for a memorable event in your great location with quality time and good food.

Other events we are organising are Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Easter, Father’s Day, Festivals, Graduation, Hens Party, Holy Communion, Kids Party, Mother’s Day, Pool Party, Staff Party, Street Party, Wedding.

‘’Regardless of the requirement and budget, 3 Events Malta with the Malta Event Planner tool will deliver you the greatest services you can get in Malta or Gozo for a slimline and stress-free Event Organisation and Management’’ Artists Venues Catering Equipment About Us Contact

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